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Braid & Crochet Styles That Will Keep You Cool

1.Trinidad Spiral Curl

Crochet your way to killer curls with LINDA TRINIDAD SPIRAL 26! Natural, and soft just what you need to achieve the look you want. It comes in a variety of vivid colors that are easy to maintain, making it a great choice for everyday wear.

2. Ceres 2

No matter the style, Never miss your Supreme moment! This Supreme Moment features beautiful locs using our Ceres Pre- Stretched Afro Kinky Bulk!Get alll of the hair, without being weighed down! Try our lightweight Ceres Bulk!

3. Pre-stretched TZ4

Easily create bob-length, or short styles that are sure to keep you cool with TZ4. The hair comes in four bundles. It’s Pre-cut, and pre-combed for easy braiding, ready to use.This hair is perfect for creating mid-length styles.

5. 4X Kinky Bulk

Beautifully soft, tight sprial texture. The light texture ensures that your scalp and head stay cool! This texture can also create a variety of styles. Such as twists, locs, crochet styles and more! The product has 4x more product in each package, that means you need less packs to create your look! Everyone loves beauty on a budget!

5. Dominican Deep Wave

Dominican Deep Wave is the perfect addition to any goddess locs or twists! Escape to paradise with Supreme’s Caribbean Crochet Braid Collection , the hair that allows you to create protective natural styles, with an island feel! Supreme’s Caribbean Crochet Braid features natural textures that are lightweight and made with the highest of quality fibers for an easy braiding experience.

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